An Overview Of The Kem Playing Cards

Okay, everyone knows Kem playing cards are the top of the line right? No, not you? Don’t worry, we’ve put together some information to explain just how good this company’s playing cards are and the benefits behind them. If you want a deck of cards with the highest quality available, then look no further. Kem will not only be the center of attention during your poker game, but they’ll last virtually forever.

The History Behind The Card

Towards the end of the great depression Kem playing cards were available to the public. Years of engineering finally mastered their first decks out around 1935. The rich were considered to be the main target of their market, but as word spread everyone became knowledgeable of their reputation. For almost seventy-five years Kem has been known as the number one leader in playing cards around the world.

No matter where you play, people know of the Kem product and speak highly of the way their cards look and feel. At some point the company realized that simple plastic playing cards wouldn’t work. This was due to the cards not flexing like they should with a simple plastic coating. So after research they started manufacturing cards with 100% Cellulose Acetate plastic instead of regular PVC.

This not only allowed the cards to bend without creasing, but as the cards aged they stayed to true form. You won’t find that with PVC plastic made playing cards. The shape of the cards will eventually shift, which is a huge no-no in the playing card industry. Especially in casinos where they would be considered marked. So when you look into purchasing a Kem deck, expect to pay more. The cellulose acetate is more expensive, but the quality is unbelievable.

Golf Theme KEM Playing Cards

Out of all the Kem cards Poker Stars Direct offers we had to throw the golf theme version in this article. There is nothing like having a unique design that everyone will enjoy. In this case we’re talking about those avid golfers out there who enjoy a good game of bridge or spades in the nineteenth hole. When you pull this deck out of the bag everyone will be surprised. Then when they see the Kem name the discussions will begin. Be ready to field some intriguing questions you never thought would be possible about playing cards.

The Overall Analysis

Excellent. This would be the word we would use in regards to Kem playing cards. Not only do they give off this professional and sleek look, but the feel of the cards are magnificent. We would recommend purchasing a low end type of card if you are just holding a festival or local event, but for home games with friends Kem never disappoints.

Yes, they’re more expensive then all other playing cards around, but we all know why. Whats that old adage, “You get what you pay for.” Well, in the card industry we know of many companies that offer top of the line products. However, no one tops Kem and their usage of cellulose acetate. If you’re ready for a new adventure in the card industry, head on over to the Poker Stars Direct website and see what we’re talking about.

The Rich History of Playing Cards

Playing cards have been a source of amusement and game playing fun for centuries. For hundreds of years people have been playing them for fun, gambling with them and even fortune telling with them! They are a truly international and universally known and acknowledged game. With literally hundreds of variations of games that can be played and enjoyed any number of players from one individual to a group. What are your favourite card games to play? There’s no doubt you can think of one straight way, in fact, you may know may card games you enjoy.

The history of card games is rich and varied and illustrates how versatile this old game really is.

Let’s look at the deck of cards first. A deck or pack is made up of 52 playing cards. They are made up of four suits, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades. Each suit is made up of numbered and face cards, the numbers run from Ace through to 10, and then the face cards are Jack, Queen and King. In most games, the Ace value can be counted as high or low depending upon the game rules. For example, in Poker and Black Jack the Aces are high.

On the back of the cards is usually a design or custom image, this depends upon who has had the cards printed. Companies and casinos have their own customer designs done. There are also traditional ornate card designs and colours which are usually red, blue or black. There is also a wide variety of designs and themes for the suits. Even well-known film franchises like Star Wars and Marvel comics have created their own playing card suits.

Over the year literally hundreds of games have been created and passed down through generations. The traditional card games are all still played, like Poker as previously mentioned. But there are also fun games like Solitaire, Hearts, Go-fish, Trumps and more.

For years cards have been used to tell fortunes. Fortune tellers use the suits and the cards are they are dealt out to give the questioner a glimpse into their futures. Whether you believe in this or not, there is no doubt that it is an art in itself and something that is still popular with many people today.

It is believed that the four suits represent the four season of the year, and that each card a day. When you had the cards up they do come to 365 which is the total number of days in the year. There are many little facts like this that add to the interest and mystery of playing cards and how they came about so many hundreds of years ago.

The next time you pick up a pack of cards and start to play think about how historical they really are. Many books have been published on this subject and for many it has become and hobby and passion. In auction houses around the world the oldest packs in perfect condition go for literally thousands of dollars and more. The older they are, and if all cards are present, they can fetch huge sums of money.